2008 EAOS Show

Awards to EAOS Members -

Janet Bardowell - EAOS Trophy, One 1st, One 3rd
Pam Bombardieri - One 3rd
Joe Crook - Four 1st, Five 2nd, Two 3rd
Jack and Kathleen Hietala - One 2nd
Michele Glembocki - One 1st, Three 2nd, Two 3rd
John Masters - One 1st, One 2nd
Bob Miller - Two 1st, One 2nd, Three 3rd
Bill and Betsey Scevola - Two 1st, One 2nd, One 3rd
Shirley Sementuh - One 3rd
Ken Woodward - One 2nd, Two 3rd

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photos by Robert Shainline